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Two of the most common reasons people call plumbers are clogged sinks and items, such as wedding rings, dropped down sink drains. With its patented design, the U-Watch™ would make both these problems a cinch to solve. This new drain trap makes it easy to view and remove clogging debris without the use of caustic liquid drain cleaners or plumbers’ tools.

The U-Watch is a modified P-trap/J-bend for sinks that features a transparent, plastic cup so people can see small items that may have fallen down the drain or are obstructing it. To remove an item or clog, an individual simply twists the trap cup to remove it, rinses it out and twists it back in place. The U-Watch™ also is equipped with a trinary block filter that holds lost items at the bottom of the cup.

Additional features:

  • Prolongs the life of drainage systems
  • Easily installs on kitchen or bathroom sinks in minutes
  • Ideal for hotel, restaurant and industrial sinks

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