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TPMS Tire Pressure Adapter Strap

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Automotive upkeep is a financial commitment that millions of people have vowed. Not just the purchase of the vehicle, but the maintenance and repairs are an annual, seasonal and scheduled occurrence. New York-based inventors designed a convenient and user-friendly adapter strap that provides an easy way to repair the broken air stem or sensor valve of a tire. This useful invention eliminates the need to replace stems or valves and according to the inventors, could save a user money and downtime.

TPMS Adapter Strap works in just a few easy steps. A user will begin with the Tire Pressure Sensor Adapter, small cable ties and a large cable tie. To install, a user centers the Tire Pressure Sensor Adapter on the outer section of the rim and places the large cable tie along the large groove in the center of the adapter. User continues to wrap the cable tie all the way around the rim and tighten until snug. The appropriate cable size tie is dependent upon the size of the rim. User then slides at least two small cable ties in the grooves between the bottom of the adapter and the rim. Finally, user places the tire pressure sensor along the length of the adapter and secures with cable ties. Tire pressure sensor is not included.

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