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These are examples of InventHelp clients with inventory which are available for sale or license.

Hunters and outdoorsmen can enjoy their pastime with added peace of mind because SlingMate increases safety for a variety of guns. The idea was developed by an avid hunter who was deer hunting in a tree stand. Halfway up the 30’ tower, his rifle slid off his shoulder, and he caught it with his hand, nearly falling dangerously to the ground. It was after this terrifying ordeal that he went on to create the SlingMate.

SlingMate allows a user to keep a gun close and secured without any dropping risk. The SlingMate is quiet and easy to use. Simply attach SlingMate to the swivel on a rifle and its existing sling. Then attach this to a personal sling and attach it again with military snaps. Use the quick release in the middle for removal. SlingMate fits any rifle sling with a metal swivel. The one-size-fits-all sling is designed for shotguns, rifles and muzzleloaders.

Most of these products come from our clients' own inventory, and are currently available for sale or licensing.

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