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Skullys, the street game that began some 100 years ago in the streets of New York, has been turned into a convenient board game. The game originates from children playing on a game board drawn in chalk on the city streets and using bottle caps as game pieces. Beloved Skullys gamers have developed an actual product which is a portable indoor/outdoor version of the popular street game. This version can be set up and played almost anywhere.

Skullys consists of a game board or "mat" that features a very distinctive design. The durable 4’ x 4’ vinyl mat is thin enough so that the game pieces can go on and off the mat with ease. The game is played by quickly moving through a course, avoiding opponents or knocking them out of the game zone. Players must seek the safety of home bases and complete the basic level to get transformed with the power to eliminate their competitors. Skullys is an action-packed game of skill and strategy suitable for everyone.

Additional features:

  • Compact for easy transport
  • Easy to use
  • Innovative game for all generations
  • Best played with 2 to 10 players

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