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Math 2x3

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Mastering mathematics is difficult for most people. The study tools and tips are often antiquated and ineffective. A fresh approach to learning would breathe new life into the otherwise overwhelming and daunting task. A young, bright inventor realized that incorporating mathematic studies within a card game, board game, video game, or similar activity, would resonate with young students and thus result in an academic response.

Math 2 x 3 Game is comprised of a deck of “Question” or operation cards, each containing at least one math operation question; a deck of “Answer” cards, each containing at least one answer to a question on one of said “Question” cards; an Answer Chart containing the correct answers to each of the math operation questions on said “Question” cards; a timer device; and first and second flags. Different games and tables would feature separate skill focuses, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The first flag is usable during game play to indicate by a preliminary appointed Judge when no answers to a question on said “Question” card is given, and said second flag is usable during game play by the Judge to indicate when an incorrect answer to a question on said “Question” card has been given, wherein the object of the game is to be the first player to discard his or her entire deck of “Answer” cards. A timer is included to help create agility and rapid memorization.

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