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Gopher Gold

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GopherGOLD is a product from the determined mind of inventor, Norik Bedessian. Bedessian found his lawn a disastrous eyesore of gopher holes and mole tunnels. Nothing on the market worked or had lasting results, and he tried everything that was offered. Bedessian put his civil engineer-thinking mind to work and after 10 years of studying gopher behaviors, patterns and tactics, he developed GopherGOLD. He noticed immediate results and realized once he installed his product, it would never have to be removed. No digging, no traps, and no poisons.

  • Device is user-friendly; no need for professional installation
  • Product is efficient, clean, easy-to-use and environmentally safe
  • Unit is a PVC tube that includes blades protruding on the interior of the tube
  • A gopher is a hemophiliac, so once injured the animal’s blood does not coagulate, thus will leave the tunnel and not return
  • Gophers are territorial and will follow suit of previous gopher’s path in pursuit of that territory, and the process will repeat
  • To use, locate tunnel. Dig a hole one foot deep and one foot wide to expose the tunnel. Place GopherGOLD into tunnel so the product becomes part of the gopher’s path. Cover the product and hole with dirt.


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