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Door Holder

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Door Holder enables a user to install a door in its rough opening without having to ask for assistance. The clever device ensures that the door swings open and shut properly. The inventor designed Door Holder to enhance safety when installing a door, as well as make it easy to use and store.

Door Holder kit consists of eight adjustable slotted holders and eight pan screws. To install a door, a user first places four holders on the rough opening of the wall. The pan screws slide into slots in the holders and screw into the wall. The user then sets the door in the rough opening and attaches four holders to the opposite side of the door in the same manner. Next, the user squares the door in the rough opening with the shims. Once the door is set and squared, the user nails the door in place. Next, the user removes the holders and screws. The holders are reusable.

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