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Battery Power Clips

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The Battery Power Clips consists of two clips which increase the circumference of a battery terminal or post; allowing a greater connection to the cables. Having a better connection increases the battery power and decreases the chance of loose cable contact. The clips also fight corrosion that may cause build-up on the connection terminals, and they act as a go- between for the connector and the battery, which also prevents deposits from forming.


The Battery Power Clips are made from treated conducive copper, or c-copper. The clips come in two sizes, positive and negative, and are marked on top respectively. To use, simply clean posts and cables, remove connection and place clips on coordinating post (positive or negative) to cover post. Slip cable eye over the “clipped” post and tighten cable bolts. Once this is done, power should be fully restored and battery is protected from corrosion.


Additional features:

  • Made from treated conducive copper, c-copper
  • Ideal for drivers, truckers, body shops, truck stops, construction vehicles, marinas and more
  • Helps increase cable contact
  • Easy to install

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